1908 – W. T. Rives of Fort Worth, Texas is informed that oil was discovered on a parcel of land that he was using to grow peanuts on in Central Texas. He was taken to the land by automobile and when he returned home that night his wife scolded him for tracking dirt and oil into their house. Rives Oil is born.

1917 – Following a contract to provide textiles to the war effort W. T. Rives begins selling oil for the benefit of allied forces in WWI.

1920 – Rives Oil acquires 800 additional acres or land for the purpose of oil exploration.

1929 – The Great Depression begins and Rives Oil begins exporting oil to New York and California.

1937 – W. T. Rives dies of old age and his son L. T. Rives takes over as President of Rives Oil.

1941 – Oil production increases for the benefit of allied forced following the attack on Pearl Harbor.

1958 – L. T. Rives dies of pneumonia one day before the 50th anniversary of Rives Oil. The grandson of the founder takes over as president.

1964 – Rives Oil celebrates producing $100,000.00 worth of oil in a single day.

1976 – Rives Oil begins exporting oil to Alaska.

1982 – Rives Oil begins exporting oil to all 50 states.

1991 – T. Rives takes over as the fourth generation to serve as president of Rives Oil.

1992 – Rives Oil transitions from operating its own rigs to leasing mineral rights to production partners.

1994 – Rives Oil maintains 22,000 acres of mineral rights throughout the United States.

2008 – Rives Oil celebrates 100 years of business.

2022 – The fifth generation of Rives assumes the position of President of Rives Oil.